2021 Virtual Conventions


Every student registered for a Dancers Inc. Virtual Competition will be given the opportunity to take part in one of our Virtual Conventions at no charge. Virtual Conventions will take place the Sunday after each Virtual Competition. Students are only able to participate in the virtual convention that coincides with their virtual competition date.

For any student who is not registered for a virtual competition and would like to take classes, will be placed on a waiting list and will be entered on a first come, first serve basis. They will need to pay a fee for the virtual convention.

For information on pricing please contact the office today at 732-685-8182 or email Emily at info@dancersinccomp.com


January 24th

February 21st

April 11th

May 16th

Virtual Convention Highlights:

          Each convention will feature 4 of your favorite DI Faculty each weekend

          Morning welcome and warm up in each room

          Convention classes will be broken down into two age groups

          Junior Age Group: 8-12 || Senior Age Group: 13 and up

          Standouts and scholarships given in each class