Update: November 17th, 2020

Dear Directors, Teachers, Students and Dance Families

With the new season quickly approaching, our number one priority here at Dancers Inc. is creating a healthy, safe and inclusive environment for all. We are working diligently with our hotels and venues to ensure that proper protocols and guidelines are being enforced. 


Dancers Inc. is happy to be offering a virtual component to our 2021 season. Outlined below are our two event options for this year. 


Option 1: In Person Events


Dancers Inc. will be planning all events in-person for the 2021 season. We will be implementing studio blocked scheduling, limited attendance, temperature/wellness checks upon entry and scheduled sanitation breaks. 


Option 2: Virtual Events


Dancers Inc. will offer four virtual competitions for the 2021 season. For studios and dancers who do not feel comfortable participating in an in-person competition, Dancers Inc. will be accepting pre-recorded routines to be submitted for the scheduled event of their choice. The videos will then get integrated into our virtual event to be judged/critiqued by our professional and fair judging panel. Awards will be live-streamed and mailed to the studio post event. The deadline to submit pre-recorded routines will be two weeks prior to the event start date.


For information on pricing, please contact us at: 732-685-8182

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