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Dancers Inc. is happy to bring you in-house conventions for the months of January and February. We know many are uncomfortable with gathering in a ballroom with other studios you may not know so we decided to bring the convention to you, where you feel comfortable! Our team will create the perfect experience for you and your students.

Dancers Inc. will focus on the following 3 components:


  1. Atmosphere: We are setting up specialized convention backdrops, up-lighting to set the mood and a step and repeat for a quick photo-op. Dancers Inc. will bring their own sound equipment if needed. 

  2. Professional Artists/Educators: You tell us what styles you are looking for and we will find it! With an extensive catalogue of working professionals on Dancers Inc. staff, we will find the right person to teach your students.

  3. Student Recognition: Each student will be in the running to be considered for a Dancers Inc. scholarship or standout at no additional cost. All they have to do is be in class! Classes can be virtually streamed at an additional cost if asked by the studio.


Due to recent restrictions, these conventions will be limited to NJ studios only for the months of January and February. As things begin to open up, Dancers Inc. will begin expanding our locations as we deem fit. All students and staff will be required to wear masks. Studios must have systems in place so that students are 6ft apart and in compliance with current state guidelines.


All of our teachers and staff will be completing health surveys and will be local to the area. All students, staff and teachers will have their temperatures checked before beginning the day inside your space. Dancers Inc. will place built in breaks to clean each room after use to ensure a clean environment for the next group of students.


These workshops will be broken up into three categories: 

  1. Mini- Ages 5-8

  2. Junior Ages 9-12

  3. Teen/Senior Ages 13 and up

Please note: The Studio Director has final say on where the student is placed. These are just suggestions. 


The Dancers Inc. office will work with studio directors to set up a convention schedule based on the studios availability and set up. I.e. how many workshops can run at once, how many students can register, students per class, etc..

Add ons:

  1. On film class with Platform. Teen and Seniors only. 

    1. https://www.platformonline.info/studio-tour

    2. For inquiries please contact DI Office so we can accommodate dates and times. 

  2. Informal competition critiques up to 50 entries. (Includes solos, duos, trios, groups and productions)

Pricing: Please contact the office today at 732-685-8182 or info@dancersinccomp.com

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