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Jeff Poulin

Jeff M. Poulin has been involved with Dancers Inc since its inception and was honored as the very first Mr. Dancers Inc in 2006; today he serves as a director. As a dance educator, he has taught, choreographed and mentored dancers around the United States and abroad where he serves as a director for Ultimate Dance Showcase UK. As a recognized leader in the education and cultural fields, Jeff leads Creative Generation, an international organization working to inspire, connect, and amplify the work of young creatives engaged in social change and those who are committed to cultivating their creativity. In this role he leads global research and visibility initiatives, and supports a number of arts and cultural education projects across the country and around the world. A seasoned educator, Jeff is a member of the faculties of arts management at Carnegie Mellon University and American University and has spoken about arts education at over 250 conferences and to audiences across the United States and in 25+ countries around the globe.