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Age Divisions




7 TO 9


10 TO 12


13 TO 15


16 TO 19

Ages are determined according to the participant’s age as of January 1st. Duo/Trio and Group performances are calculated using the average age of the group with all decimal places dropped. For example, if an average age is calculated to 8.9, the group’s average age is considered 8. If a question should arise concerning the age of a contestant, a birth certificate must be provided at the competition as proof of age.

20 & over entries are not eligible for top awards unless more than 5 Teacher/20 & over dances are registered in the competition.

Gradient Strip

Performance Levels



3 or less years of training;

45 min to 2 hrs classwork weekly



4 to 6 years of training;

2 to 4 hrs classwork weekly



6+ years of training;

5+ hrs classwork weekly

Division placement is at the discretion of the teacher. For example, a dancer with simple steps and a single pirouette would be Future Star. More advanced techniques, double turns, etc would be a Rising Star. Turns a la seconde, aerials, more than three pirouettes would be an All Star dancer.

Competition entries including a participant who is listed as a teacher will be placed in the “Teacher” category. Neither Teacher nor 20 & over entries are eligible for top awards unless more than 5 Teacher/20 & over dances are registered in the competition.

*Teacher is defined as anyone 18+ who makes 50% or more of their income teaching dance annually.

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Entry Types & Time Limits


1 Dancer;

2:45 MIN


2 to 3 Dancers;

2:45 MIN


4 to 9 Dancers;

3:00 MIN

VOCAL: Entry consisting of a strictly vocal performance


10 to 18 Dancers;

4:00 MIN


15+ Dancers;

5:00 MIN


15+ Dancers;

8:00 MIN

PHOTOGENIC: Judges’ choice of submitted photograph

Tags, entrances and exits are included in the allotted time. Deductions will be made for exceeding time limits at the judges’ discretion.

Solos are limited to 2 per contestant at each Regional and National competition. Any additional solos are ineligible for overall/divisional awards. National Titlist solo entries are considered separate entities and do not count toward this solo limit. If additional solos are requested they are at the discretion of Dancers Inc. time permitting and are limited to the All Star division.

Contestants may not compete against themselves in any category. (See “open” category below.)

Vocal entries are only eligible for top awards when more than 5 entries are registered in the competition.

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Categories of Dances

ACRO: a routine consisting of controlled acrobatic or rhythmic gymnastics movements involving balance and flexibility. The routine must maintain a level of choreographed movement such as bridging tricks and/or passes in a fluid style. The use of mats is allowed. Any entry containing more than 3 acro passes must be listed in this or the “open” category.

BALLET: a routine where all dancers wear ballet slippers or pointe shoes and execute ballet techniques. This includes classical as well as modern interpretations.

CHARACTER: a routine where the dancers portray an easily recognizable character, such as a clown, scarecrow, Betty Boop, etc. Movements are stylized and tailored in an attempt to mimic a character.

CLOGGING: a routine where dancers perform clogging techniques in clogging shoes.

CONTEMPORARY: a routine where the dancers exhibit movement using the body’s natural lines and energy. Techniques include contraction, release, fall and recovery.

FOLKLORIC: a routine consisting of dance styles of a particular ethnic group. This includes but is not limited to National dances.

HIP HOP: a routine where dancers replicate a style of street dance. Movement is to include the elements of popping, locking, footwork and freezes. Break dancing and some replications of “video” choreography may be included in this category.

JAZZ: a routine where all dancers execute free form movement and style characteristics of American jazz dance, whether in jazz or character shoes of any kind, half-soles or bare feet.

LYRICAL: a routine where all dancers interpret the lyrics or mood of a song (with or without words) using a combination of ballet and/or jazz and/or modern technique. This form includes the use of legwork, balance, facial and body emotion.

MODERN: a routine of modern and/or abstract movement with or without a prescribed vocabulary. Modern dance can borrow from other disciplines and is based on modern technique, i.e. Graham or Ailey, or abstract movement done to abstract music.

MUSICAL THEATRE: a routine interpreting a song from a “Broadway” or movie musical with costuming and choreography indicative of the original piece.

OPEN: any routine combining multiple styles of dance. Also, any routine which does not fit in any category previously listed. The open division may also be used for dancers who have a routine in the same age division, level and category as another routine.

OTHER: extension of the open category. Should only be used if a routine featuring the same dancer(s) in the same level and age division is already listed in Open.

POINTE: a routine where a majority of the dancers wear pointe shoes and execute pointe technique to classical music with classical costumes.

SONG & DANCE: a routine consisting of a vocal and dance performance. Routines must include at least 50% dance technique. Music may only include back-up vocals.

TAP: a routine where all dancers wear tap shoes and execute tap technique. This may include but is not limited to soft-shoe, buck and wing, street tap as a melodic accompaniment to music or acapella.

VOCAL: a vocal performance. Music may only include back-up vocals. Vocal routines are not adjudicated alongside dance categories.

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Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations listed in this section apply to both regional and national events. The rules are subject to change and amendment at any time.


Entries are accepted on a first come, first serve basis and are limited to available performance time.

All entries must be submitted by a school. Independent entries will only be accepted if approved by a studio director.

Entries must be received by our office 15 days prior to event. Entries received less than 15 days prior to the event will be considered late entries and are subject to a service fee.

Late registrations will only be accepted upon approval of management and are subject to available time and space.

A complete confirmation of competition registrations is available upon submission of entries. Finalized competition schedules will be sent to the studio director no less than 10 days prior to the event.


Acceptable forms of payment include a single studio check, money order, or certified check. Individual checks will not be accepted. Digital payment is available via Square or credit card. The use of a credit card may be subject to a service fee via a third party vendor.


Gift certificates redeemed as a part of payment must be mailed directly to the office. Original certificate required; photocopies of gift certificates are not accepted. All applicable discounts must be deducted prior to payment; no refunds or rebates will be issued.


All registrations must be paid in full prior to the start of show. No on-site payments will be accepted.


No refunds will be made under any circumstances. Credits for future competitions will be issued only for medically excused dancers or at the discretion of Dancers Inc. management. Service fees and late fees are ineligible for refund or cancellation.


All changes to original submitted entries must be in writing: no verbal entries will be honored. Changes to original entries must be received no later than 7 days prior to the event or they will not be implemented. Please note that additional fees may apply in certain situations such as returned checks and late registrations.


Dancers Inc. prefers digital upload through our online registration system. If you are unable to use this system please contact the office no later than 7 days BEFORE competition to arrange another option.


All studios must bring a backup for their music files. For backup music ONLY we will accept CD, iPod or a flash drive. All files must be labeled with routine name.

Dancers Inc. is not responsible for lost or damaged equipment. Similarly, Dancers Inc. is not responsible for loss of quality of sound due to disc or file damage.

Music choices should be age appropriate and not contain any explicit material such as foul language or overt sexual references. Competitions are performed in public spaces with an audience present and must be "family friendly."


Freestanding props are allowed; no knives, swords, glitter/confetti or fire are permitted. Any routine including props must be properly notated at time of entry in order to ensure preparation time.


Prop setup and breakdown times are included in the allotted time for the dance.


Prestige Elite

296 - 300


287 - 295

High Gold

275 - 286


260 - 274


259 & Below

Each performance is adjudicated by 3 judges according to the competition level, performer’s age and dance category. Judges score performers according to a 100-point scale. Points are awarded for technique, difficulty, musicality, performance quality and overall execution.

All 3 judges will participate in a group commentary which will be recorded for each performance. Judges critiques are sent in a digital “Dropbox” within 3-5 business days. If directors are present scores can be picked up by studio directors at the end of the competition.


High score awards are based upon placement within the Future Star, Rising Star, and All Star Divisions. Onstage announcements for divisional and overall winners will consist of no more than 50% of the number of individual routines in each age group, level & entry type.


Awards are based on a composite score and are not affected by placement within an age group.


In recognition of the talents of the choreographer and teachers, we proudly bestow the following special awards to deserving groups at each regional event. Judges choose winners for the following awards:

Entertainment Award: Awarded to a routine that encompasses outstanding performance quality in their emotional commitment, musicality, presentation and staging. Awarded to a routine in the 12 & under age division as well as the 13 & over age division.

Technique Award: Awarded to a routine that demonstrates the dancers’ excellence in dance training and conditioning. Awarded to a routine in the 12 & under age division as well as the 13 & over age division.

Choreography Award: Awarded to a routine that shows an innovative and creative point of view that incorporates new and unique characteristics in the choreography. Awarded to a routine in the 12 & under age division as well as the 13 & over age division.

Top Scoring Studio: Top Studio is determined by the combined adjudication scores for the studio’s top 5 routines in solos, duo/trios and groups. Only one Top Studio named in each regional competition.


Any individual interested in the photogenic award must submit a photograph at time of registration on the day of the event. Photos may be either 5x7 or 8x10 and in color or black and white. Photographs must include the contestant’s name, age and studio name on the back. The photogenic award is announced during the award ceremony for solos of the appropriate age group. Winners are Judges’ choice.


Regional Champion is Dancers Inc.’s version of a regional title. For an additional non-refundable fee, we accept solo entries for each competitive level of dance and age level. Studio Directors will notate one solo for consideration at time of registration. This solo is still eligible for overall placement. A soloist can only win Regional Champion once per season, however, they may re-compete as many times as they desire.

Regional Champion winners receive recognition as well as an award on stage during the Awards Ceremony. In addition, winners are invited to perform in the Opening Number at Nationals and will be listed on the Dancers Inc. website and social media sites. In the event of a tie, the judges will determine the winner. No ties are allowed. Any tie-breaking does not affect overall placement. Overall winner ties will not be broken.

Proceeds from the fees collected for participation in this event go directly to a charitable organization. As such, the Regional Champion fee cannot be discounted nor paid for by scholarship, credit voucher, or certificate. Studio owners or directors can contact the office at for pricing and further information.


Titlist entries compete at the age group of the participant as of January 1st.

Solo dancers registered in the All Star division who have received a gold award or higher at Dancers Inc. regional or pre-qualifying event are eligible for entry in the National Title Program.

Title contestants are limited to 1 solo entry which must be prequalified prior to National competition. The same solo may not be performed for both Titlist Competition and National competition.

Junior, Teen and Senior Title contestants will be selected based on classwork, questionnaire, interview and Title solo performance as well as participation throughout the week. Questionnaires must be sent with studio entry forms. The questionnaire may be handwritten or typed. Please take care to write legibly.

In the interview, Title contestants are asked questions pertaining to the questionnaire filled out prior to the competition. The judges may ask the candidate to elaborate on an answer or ask a different question that relates to a given answer. Points are awarded for presentation and enunciation as well as clear communication of ideas.

Title contestants must be available for the entire week of Dancers Inc. Nationals unless prior arrangements have been approved by Dancers Inc. Management.

Title winners will be asked to perform at regional events throughout the upcoming Dancers Inc. season. Based on their age, Titlists will be required to work a specified amount of Dancers Inc. regional events.

Titlists must wait one year after relinquishing title before competing for the next title.

Titlists will be asked to sign a contract including a behavioral clause, a Letter of Commitment, and an Appropriate Attire Clause. Titlists will be held accountable to uphold this contract not only at Dancers Inc. sponsored events but also in their everyday lives.
Violation of any Dancers Inc. rule or any clause of said contract will result in disciplinary action up to and including disqualification. In all cases, Dancers Inc. Management reserves the right to determine the definition of a violation and a suitable disciplinary action. This signed Titlist Contract must be submitted with Dancers Inc. Nationals Paperwork and the candidate’s questionnaire.


Video and photography during competition are prohibited at all Dancers Inc. events. This includes inside spaces designated as dressing rooms. Dancers Inc. will provide photos and videos of all routines at no additional cost to the dancer(s). Videos and photos will be made available to studios in digital format for download approximately 3 to 5 days after the conclusion of the event.


Any person displaying unsportsmanlike conduct, rude or unacceptable behavior will be asked to leave the premises at once. No refunds will be issued and dancers are subject to disqualification. This includes dancers, dance studio staff and family or friends of dancers and applies to all Dancers Inc. sponsored events. Anyone caught taking photos/videos will be asked to leave immediately and the entire studio will be eligible for disqualification or penalty at the Directors discretion. No exceptions.

During competition, a minimum of 9 minutes is scheduled for costume and makeup changes between a given performer’s entries. In situations where it is impossible to provide this minimum, exceptions will be made and no points will be deducted.
Each entry is required to perform as scheduled. Changes to the schedule must be arranged with the Stage Manager or disqualification may result.
Dancers should be in costume, warmed up, and ready to perform at least one hour prior to their scheduled time.
Cash prizes are awarded to the dance studio director (when available). We reserve the right to substitute gift certificates for cash awards on an as needed basis.
All preceding rules are applicable to each and every Dancers Inc. sponsored event.

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